Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health

The Opportunity

While there have been improvements in adolescent sexual and reproductive health, rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teens and young adults remain higher in the U.S. than in other developed nations and are considerably higher among youth from certain racial and ethnic groups and in different geographic regions (Kaiser Family Foundation). Health care organizations, schools, youth-serving organizations, and other groups benefit from support in promoting adolescent sexual health.

Our Strategy

Throughout our history, Cardea has been committed to promoting adolescent sexual health through training health care professionals, health educators, teachers, and others working with youth. Early on, our colleague Joan Helmich created the Northwest Institute for Community Health Educators (NICHE), a residential training designed to increase knowledge and build skills needed to deliver comprehensive, culturally proficient, medically accurate sexuality education. While Joan passed away in 2009, her legacy lives on through ICHEs that continue to be held in many regions of the U.S.

As with NICHE, we continue to innovate, employing best practices and evidence-based/informed approaches. We have extensive experience in training and supporting a range of professionals on a wide range of evidence-based/informed interventions. We work with groups and organizations to thoughtfully select interventions, based on the communities they serve and the goals and outcomes they seek to influence. We support these groups and organizations throughout adaptation, implementation, and evaluation of selected interventions, including skills and techniques to engage youth, provide safe and supportive environments, and build on positive youth development concepts and trauma-informed approaches.

We provide a range of training services from single training events on topics such as integrating male reproductive health services to comprehensive training of trainers and training of educators/facilitators for projects such as Foundations, Positive Prevention Plus, Texas PREP and Washington PREP to ongoing training aligned with capacity building activities for initiatives such as Working to Institutionalize Sexuality Education. We deliver customized training through many formats, including face-to-face events, audioconferences, videoconferences, and eLearning.

The Impact

Over the last four decades, we have supported a broad array of professionals in promoting adolescent health by creating opportunities to build content knowledge and develop skill and through delivering training on evidence-based/informed curricula. We are pleased that these champions are teaching youth about sexual health in ways that honor who they are, what their circumstances and experiences have been, and what they hope for the future.

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