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Professional Learning

  • We are committed to understanding your strengths and aspirations.
  • We ground our training in adult learning theory and in evidence-based / informed approaches that we adapt to be contemporary and inclusive.
  • We design training that honors your experiences; builds knowledge and skills; and provides opportunities for reflection and peer learning.

Learning is a lifelong journey.

The evidence base in health and human services is evolving, and teams need support in weaving best practices with their unique understanding of how to work with communities, clients, and patients to deliver high quality, culturally proficient programs and services.

We provide a range of services from single events to training of trainers and educators to ongoing training aligned with organizational development activities. We are also an approved provider of continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing education (CNE).

We deliver customized training through several formats, including face-to-face events, audioconferences, videoconferences, and eLearning. Our team has extensive experience in designing, delivering, and evaluating training across a wide range of content areas and in a variety of disciplines including public health, social work, education, and nonprofit management.

Our work is informed by our belief that training should be client-centered. The six principles that guide the development and delivery of our client-centered training are:

  1. Apply research and theory
  2. Focus on client needs
  3. Integrate cultural proficiency
  4. Coordinate with organizational systems and structures
  5. Focus on performance improvement
  6. Provide follow-up support

We work with you to understand your team’s knowledge, skills, and experience. Based on that understanding, we design and deliver training that honors your team’s capacity and provides opportunities for reflection, small and large group discussion, case-based learning, action planning, and ongoing assessment.

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