Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Type: Guide/toolkit
Date: November 2016

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Cardea presents this resource in collaboration with the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) and the Family Planning National Training Center (FPNTC)

Resource Description

This revised toolkit, Providing Family Planning Care for Non-Pregnant Women and Men of Reproductive Age in the Context of Zika — A Toolkit for Healthcare Providers, Version 3, suggests ways to put current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance into practice. Version 3 of the toolkit reflects CDC guidance published on September 30, 2016.

In this toolkit you will find updated information about Zika and how to counsel women and men about family planning in the context of Zika. There is information specifically for clients who live in or travel to areas with local mosquito-borne transmission of the Zika virus and for clients who live in areas without local transmission. Look for the job aids for healthcare providers, handouts for clients, and outreach materials, now available in both English and Spanish languages.