HIV and Sexual Health Education Series

Type: Webinar
Date: April 2014

Wise logoOSPI logoCardea and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) — partners in the Washington Working to Institutionalize Sexuality Education (WISE) Project — are excited to announce this three-part webinar series for 5th – 12th grade classroom teachers, school administrators, school nurses, curriculum directors, and related staff.

These webinars were recorded in April/May 2014.

About this Series

Part 1: Introduction to Fully Revised 5/6 & 7/8 KNOW for Educators

Part 2: Supporting an Open and Respectful Learning Environment, 5th – 12th Grades

Part 3: Answering Students’ Questions, 5th – 12th Grades

In this series, participants are introduced to the fully revised KNOW 5/6 and 7/8 curricula and learn strategies for effectively teaching about HIV and sexual health education and other topics pertaining to healthy youth development, including guidance on scope and sequence for age-appropriate instruction across elementary, middle and high school.

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your knowledge and comfort with HIV and sexual health education!

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar series is not intended to replace the KNOW curriculum trainings offered by OSPI. For a complete list of upcoming KNOW trainings, visit

About WISE in Washington State

Over the past five years, the WISE partnership between Cardea and OSPI has brought improved and up-to-date, medically and scientifically accurate, age appropriate, and non-discriminatory sexuality education to nearly 30 districts across the state, with support from partnering Educational Service Districts (ESDs).


Erin Edelbrock, Program Manager, WISE

John Perkins, PhD, Training Manager, WISE

Marissa Rathbone, MAT, Program Supervisor HIV and Sexual Health
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


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