Supporting Efforts to Address Youth Homelessness

The Opportunity

The National Network for Youth reports that youth who experience homelessness face an increased risk of mental health problems, substance abuse issues, criminal activity and victimization, unsafe sex, teen pregnancy, and poor educational opportunities. Without assistance, most homeless youth are at extremely high risk of chronic or episodic homelessness, unemployment, and poverty as adults. Therefore, prevention and early intervention are critical.

Our Strategy

Cardea partners with providers who serve homeless youth and young adults, public and private funders, and other key stakeholders on a portfolio of assessments to document the impact of prevention and early intervention programs and identify opportunities to improve services and data collection. Our research and evaluation team works closely with agency leadership, staff, and other key stakeholders to develop tools and protocols, train front-line staff on data collection, and provide robust data analysis.

The Impact

Our partnership with providers, public / private funders, and other key stakeholders on this portfolio of assessments has shaped both program and policy related to youth homelessness prevention and early intervention. These assessments have enabled providers to better articulate the value and impact of their programs and have contributed to continued support for these critical initiatives to prevent and end homelessness among young people.

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