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Capacity Development

  • We believe that compassionate and inspiring leaders, dynamic teams, and strong, yet flexible, systems are critical to organizational success.
  • We collaborate with you to enhance effectiveness and efficiency at all levels in your organization, build capacity, and promote sustainability.
  • We tailor our approaches to where you are in the moment and where you envision your future.

Change is constant.

With change, health and human service organizations are called to look at how they do business; demonstrate that programs and services are culturally proficient, effective, and sustainable; and innovate and grow.

We build health and human service organizations’ capacity to do what they are called to do. Our team is grounded in the work of practitioners across a variety of disciplines and through our experience as leaders, managers, and clinical and program staff in health and human service settings.

We will engage you and your team to build leadership support; gather data on your organization’s strengths, opportunities, and aspirations; improve organizational systems; build strong teams; and maximize current and future success through action planning, facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring, and ongoing consultation and assessment.

Reaching New Heights — Organizational Cultural Proficiency

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Building Support and Systems for Billing in Public Health Programs

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