Building Support and Systems for Billing in Public Health Programs

The Opportunity

Public health systems are adapting to a changing health care environment. While programs have historically relied on public funding to support the provision of free and low-cost health care services, funding has changed in recent years. With the impact of the Affordable Care Act, programs are looking to Medicaid and other third-party billing to sustain services. Policy and systems barriers, resource and capacity limitations, varying levels of leadership and staff buy-in, and concerns about billing for public health services often pose obstacles to implementation of billing in a public health setting.

Our Strategy

Cardea provides training and technical assistance to state and local health departments and public health laboratories through assessments of billing capacity, case studies, guides, eLearning modules, and webinars, as well as in-person events. One of the hallmarks of our approach has been Revenue Generation Learning Collaboratives (RGLCs). Similar to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Collaborative Model, RGLCs bring together multi-disciplinary leadership teams from clinics / organizations on a regular basis for a finite period of time to work on a topic of shared concern.

The Impact

Through participation in training and technical assistance activities, our partners report increased ability to identify strategies for building system-level support and increasing provider and staff buy-in for billing and for improving billing across the revenue cycle. In addition, they report establishing peer networks that support continued learning and implementation of new strategies to improve billing and revenue generation processes.

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