Our Work

  • We envision communities where all people, especially those who have been most underserved, have equitable access to quality health and human services.
  • We seek to improve organizations' abilities to deliver accessible, high quality, culturally proficient, and compassionate services to their clients.
  • We believe that organizations thrive by integrating principles of social justice and cultural proficiency into all aspects of their work.


We are committed to understanding your strengths and aspirations.

We ground our training in adult learning theory and in evidence-based/informed approaches
that we adapt to be contemporary and inclusive.

We design training that honors your experiences; builds skills and capacity;
and provides opportunities for reflection and peer learning.

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Organizational Development

We believe that compassionate and inspiring leaders, dynamic teams,
and strong, yet flexible, systems are critical to organizational success.

We collaborate with you to enhance effectiveness and efficiency
at all levels in your organization, build capacity, and promote sustainability.

We tailor our approaches to where you are in the moment and where you envision your future.

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Research and Evaluation

We are passionate about the power of research and evaluation to share your successes
and drive the changes you seek in policy, program, and practice.

We are committed to balancing rigor and practicality within the context of
systemic, organizational, and programmatic complexities.

We believe in the synergistic value of numbers and stories
to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.

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