Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist,
every minute a chance to change the world
—Dolores Huerta

With deepest humility and respect, Cardea stands in solidarity with those who have organized and activated communities and who are taking moments and chances to change the world

For more than 50 years, we have strived to improve organizations' abilities to deliver accessible, high quality, culturally proficient, and compassionate services to their clients


We are committed to understanding your strengths and aspirations.
We ground our training in
evidence-based approaches.

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Organizational Development

We believe that compassionate and inspiring leaders, dynamic teams, and strong, yet flexible, systems are critical to organizational success.

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Research and Evaluation

We are passionate about the power of research and evaluation to drive changes you seek in policy, program, and practice.

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At Cardea, we are inspired by…
  • Facilitating connections and enduring relationships that unlock the possibility of addressing complex health and human service issues…
  • Witnessing learners gain confidence and proficiency through training that builds on the strength of their knowledge, skills, and experiences…
  • Seeing organizations and teams get invigorated and inspired to build innovative foundations and systems for success…
  • Using data to build the knowledge base, inform important work, and challenge thinking at all levels…

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